It’s time to call it a day
Article mis en ligne le 6 juillet 2009
dernière modification le 4 octobre 2014

Monday 6th July 2009

"It’s time to call it a day" are the words coming from one senior F1 insider after Bernie Ecclestone’s latest shocking comments.

Ecclestone, not for the first time, courted controversy in a recent interview, saying that Adolf Hitler was a man who "was able to get things done" and that Max Mosley would do a better job governing Britain than Gordon Brown or Tony Blair.

The F1 supremo’s remarks, though, haven’t gone down well with one F1 insider saying it is a clear indication that it is now time for Ecclestone to retire.

"The saddest thing about it is that no one close to him has got the guts to put a hand on his shoulder and say : ’You aren’t the man you used to be and it’s time to call it a day,’" a source told Autosport.

"And the man who should do it is Max."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the board of Deputies of British Jews believes Ecclestone clearly overstepped the mark.

"Mr Ecclestone’s comments regarding Hitler, female, black and Jewish racing drivers are quite bizarre. He says ’Politics are not for me’ and we are inclined to agree," he told The Guardian.